Plot Points with Scrivener

Written by Dan

Dan is a professional author of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

July 31, 2019

I’m a huge Scrivener fan. Scrivener is not just a great place to arrange your scenes and do your writing; it is a story engineering power tool (Hey L&L, I’m patiently waiting for 3.0 for Windows!)

So you’ll recall from last week that I am selecting key scenes for my main plot (shown above with blue index cards).

I’m also adding subplots. I had to ask myself – if I were the reader, what additional plots would either help me understand, or enjoy the main plot better?

Also, Robert McKee taught me that your subplots should either complement, contradict, or, complicate the main plot.

Now take my post from last week and substitute the word “premise” for plot in the paragraph above.

I’ll talk more about that next week. Then, you will see different colored index cards in the picture, interwoven with the blue ones, and we’ll talk a little more about the relationships between MY subplots, and the main plot for this book.

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