Short Stories

Would you risk your life to call your mother-in-law?

Emerson would do anything to make his wife happy.

All she ever wanted was a baby, and now that she was due in two months, she was absolutely not happy.

Unhappy with this, unhappy with that, unhappy with Emerson, unhappy with her very decision to leave Earth.

She signed her life away the same as he did. Friends—gone. Family—gone. No more trips to Daytona beach. They met here, restarted their lives here, and here was all they were supposed to know. She knew the price.

But Emerson had a plan to see her smile again…

…not knowing that he would be covered in blood before it was all over.

“Long Distance” is a gripping short story in the Stars Over Apocrita universe by Daniel J. Stutzman

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